Introduction to Proximity

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I see a lot of designs that either don’t pay attention to the proper use of space or simply get it wrong. The proper use of proximity is key to creating a consistent relationship and hierarchy of page elements. When care is not taken, websites and interfaces can at the very least be visually displeasing

Sweat The Small Stuff

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Finishing a project just because it’s reached a point where “it’s good enough” might be one of the worst things a designer can do. When you think or say “well, it’s good enough” you are compromising yourself as a professional designer; good enough is good enough for amateurs, not for professionals. A few weeks back

Electronic Car Doors

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Technology for the sake of technology, created without full consideration creates more problems than it aims to solve. This point can be illustrated by two stories about cars. My girlfriend drives a 2000 Honda Odyssey van, and another friend drives a 2011 Cadillac CTS. Both cars have a version of electronically latching doors, but with different designs and results.

The Problem With Pagination

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Pagination is a staple component of most web sites and applications. We deal with it on a daily basis – on blogs, photo galleries, inspiration sites, image searches, etc. Every time I see page 1 at the bottom and links for page 2, 3, 4, … 1234 on a blog, I feel uneasy.

What’s In A Name

Posted in: Culture
I have recently noticed a disturbing trend in the field of design, both in personal and professional spheres. More and more I have noticed the application of ridiculous nomenclature and adjectives to the title of Designer. Rockstar Designer. Ninja Developer. Design Guru. CSS Wiz. Samurai Designer. Pixel Pusher. This needs to stop. As a designer, you are none of these things.